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TTcloud - die Lösung für KMU

Modular, scalable and can be integrated in existing infrastructures

TimeTool provides modern complete solutions designed to meet the time and access management requirements of SMEs and large companies. We provide innovation and always focus on customer requirements as well as legal requirements in our solutions, thus generating maximum customer benefits and optimum investment protection. Watch our video and get an overview of the TimeTool time management solution.


More than time recording: smart, easy and economical.


Test now for 45 days free.​

Ready to go in 10 minutes.

A straightforward and intuitive time recording system for you and your team, which meets all legal specifications for time recording.

All fully validated and documented.

René Walz Schindler AG

"TimeTool products make work so much easier for all departments."

René Walz, Manager HR Payroll

Schindler Aufzüge AG

Susanne Ruchti, Intersport Schweiz AG

"The overall package just fits."

Susanne Ruchti, Head of HR

Intersport Schweiz AG

our customers

We are proud and delighted about the long-term partnerships and valuable contacts that we have established.

Extract of our customer list

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